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Local Beekeepers Selling Bees and Equipment

This information has been supplied as a courtesy. This is not an endorsement by the Beekeepers Association of the Ozarks. All vendors are welcome to submit their information.  PLEASE get references before ordering from any vendor. The Beekeepers Association of the Ozarks does not allow endorsement of any vendor/supplier.  The BAO is not responsible for their business practices and has no enforcement capabilities.  Buyer beware.


If a vendor/supplier wants to be included in this list, please send your information to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Jan Amos-Carthage

4 frame Nucs Buckfast queens

2 good frames of brood, 2 frames of Honey and Pollen. New Queens, No frame exchange.  Sold in a cardboard box.  Has around 60-80 Nucs available.

Costs $150



Call 417-529-3398



Alex and Alexa Pavlov-Buzz Beekeeping

Buzz Beekeeping-Springfield

Pricing Info for 2016

We offer this year two queen breeds Russian or Carniolan.

Russian/CarnioIan Queen


Queens $30 each


3 1b Package Bee Packaged bees comes with laying Russian or Carniolan queen in the cage and three (3) pounds bees (approx. 10,0000)

(1-50) $115 each

(50+) $105 each


5 Frame Nuclear

This set comes with 5 deep (9 5/8") and drawn comb frames contains bees and laying Russian or Carniolan queen, brood, honey, and pollen. Each nuclear is inspected for queen to be laying and disease free. Nucs are housing in transportable cardboard boxes.

(1-50) $150 each

(50+) $140 each

Starter Kit

Starter kit is a great option for those who just getting started or want some more equipment. A starter kit comes with a bottom board, standard body hive(brood chamber), 10 frames with laying Russian or Carniolan queen, bees, brood, honey and pollen, and outer cover.

$225 each

We can mark queen for additional charge of $3.

*Note that all of our queens are inspected to be laying and all of our bees are treated for the season.

*Orders of 100 or more (can be mix) will have delivery option. (Please   contact me for more details).

Return Policy

Starter kits, Nucs, Packages and Queens(Live Bees):Once live bees are picked up there is no return allowed because we cannot control the shipping conditions. We allow customers to pick up starter kits, nucs, packages and queens at 4861 S Glenn AVE, Springfield, MO 65810. Customers that pick up a product must examine for satisfaction. We will then exchange any queen or set not to the satisfaction of the customer. Leaving the premises of Buzz Beekeeping with product constitutes customer satisfaction with the order.









David Panahi-Fair Grove



Package Bees, NUCS and Queens FOR SALE SPRING 2016

#3 Package Italians w/ Mated Queens(Georgia) - $135

#3 Package Russians w/ Mated Queens(Georgia) - $155

#3 Packages Carniolans w/ Mated Queen(Georgia) - $155

Queens; mated Italian- $35 each

Russian and Carniolan; mated- $40 each

(Marked Queen add $3.50 each)


All Bee orders require a Deposit.


5 Frame NUCS- available in May (estimated; weather permitting)

NUCS are from our Survivor Stock w/ a young mated Queen.

(Frame exchange required and Frames must be new and fitted w/ foundation).

Italian NUC- $170 Russian or Carniolan NUC- $185

Packages and NUCS -$50 each and Single Mated Queens- $15 each.


Beekeeping Starter Kit 2017

Everything You Need-Just Add Bees!

Starter Kit Includes:

I-Deep Hive Box (assembled &painted)

10- Wood Frames w/ Rite Cell Foundation

I-inner Cover

I-Deluxe Telescopic Cover

1- Smoker w/ safety shield

1- Solid Bottom Board

1- Feeder (choice of Front or Inner Feeder)

1- Hive Tool

1- Frame Grip

1-Jacket with hood; heavy-duty w/pockets; zipper

. 1- Pair Goatskin Gloves

Entrance Reducer

Total Kit- $219.95SALE! $199.95 (FEBRUARY ONLY)


Deluxe Starter Kit Includes:

All of the above plus-

Second 9 5/8 Deep & 10 Wood Frames w/ Rite Cell Foundation

1- Super & 10 Wood Frames w/ Rite Cell Foundation

1- Beginning Beekeeping Book 1- Entrance Reducer

Total Deluxe Kit- REG. $349.95SALE! $299.95 (FEBRUARY only)




417-569-2224 417-759-7578

1236 State Rd AA

Fair Grove, MO 65648

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jeff Maddox-Rogersville

Jeff Maddox of www.AFutureWithBees.com will Bring 100 packages of bees from Georgia.  These are 3# packages of bees with mated queens and are inspected by the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture.  We should have Italians and Carniolans.



Packages will arrive in the first or second week of April (dependant on the weather of course!).  Italians and Carniolans should be available.


Price: $125.  Minimum deposit of $100 due now, if not paid in full.  We cannot reserve a package without a deposit.


Pick up locations near Springfield and Rogersville.



Five frame nucs of local survivor stock with a young mated queen, $150.




To reserve your bees, or for more information please contact us at:

Jeffrey Maddox

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Neil Bruner-Stockton

4 Frame nuc in your box, 2-3 frames of brood, from Texas. Italian stock. Available April 30

Cost $150   Has around 200 Nucs available.


Local Nucs from survivor stock. 4 frame Nucs with 1 feeder, in cardboard box. Available May 10th.

Cost $155   Has around 30 Nucs available.



Call 417-276-4252

12335 S. 2225 Rd. Stockton, MO 65785  




Nixa Hardware-Nixa

Packages -Marked Italian Queens, ready April 23rd.  Cost $125

Nucs- 5 frame Italian queens, this is a package raised on new foundation, already established, in a corrugated box.

Cost$165  Available April 16th



Call (417)725-3512




Wayne Roscher-Brighton

5 Frame nuc with Italian queen (with frame exchange). $165.  $30 deposit on box

3# packages with Italian queen $125 (+ $5 for marked queen)

Mated/Marked queens $30

Marked Italian add $5

Pollen Patties $2.50/# or $50/20#


Packages are from Georgia, some nucs are local stock.







Storment Apiaries Terry Storment-Dunnegan


Bee Hive $115

Hive includes: one telescoping wood cover w/metal top, one inner cover, one 9 5/8" hive body w/10 frames, two 6 5/8" honey supers w/20 frames, and one solid bottom.

Telescoping Cover w/metal top  $18.00

Inner Cover  $8.00

Wood bottom w/ 3/8" entrance  $10.00

9 5/8" Hive Body empty $17.50

9 5/8" Hive Body 91/8" frames  $30.00

6 5/8" Honey Super empty $15.50

6 5/8" Honey Super 61/4" frames  $28.00

5 11/16" Shallow Super empty  $12.50

5 11/16" Shallow Super w/ten5 3/8" frames  $25.00

Screened Bottom  $20.00

9 1/8" Frame l each  $1.25

6 1/4" Frame l each  $1.25

5 3/8" Frame l each $1.25

Migratory Cover  $15.00

Top Feeders  $15.00

Division Screen  $15.00              



Storment Apiaries

3911 s.28th Rd

Dunnegan, MO 65640

Cell phone: 417-327-6706

Home: 417 654-3500



Amanda Cowan:

5 frame nucs with locally bred hygienic queens.  Stock has been maintained chemical and treatment free for years.  Will raise bees in your equipment as well.  



Kip Glass:

Queens Locally raised from New World Carnolian Stock, available from May through Sept.

$20 per queen. 5-Frame Nucs on 6 1/4" (Medium) Frames - $130 each.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Robert Moore (Hawley Honey):

Italian Bees Nucs $145. $10 deposit on box. Also sell honey, sugar and bee equipment.





Val Nichols and John Moore:

Beecharmer Farms will be selling (15) 5 frame nucs for $155. You bring us your equipment with 10 frames and we will take 5 of your frames in exchange for our 5 frames of bees, brood, pollen and a laying 2017 Carniolan queen all on drawn foundation. Nucs will be ready around first of May, weather depending. These nucs are coming from bees that we raise here in the Springfield area.

417-844-8225 (Val) or 417-576-1780 (John)




Jacob Tidwell:

Will have Spring nucs: 5-frame $150, Italian/Carniolan. Originate from south Mississippi. Delivered end of April in cardboard nuc box, 3 frames of brood, 2 frames of pollen and honey.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 417- 543-4874  




Toth, Jeremy:

Will have about 10 nucs.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Beekeepers Association of the Ozarks 5th Queen Workshop, May 19th 


Please email Bruce Snavelyat brucesnavely@hotmail.com who is helping with Registration. This workshop is being held at the Darr Agriculture Center in Springfield, MO 2401 S Kansas Expy, Springfield, MO 65807. The morning session will take place in the Bond Learning Center. We will break for lunch at Noon and you are free to grab a lunch at a local restaurant. There are many within a short driving distance on Kansas Expressway and Battlefield Rd to the south or Sunshine Ave to the north.

Doors Open 8:15AM  - Speaker David Burns - EAS Master Beekeeper - honeybeesonline.com David Burns


Cost is $75 or $105 per couple which includes textbook, Queen Rearing Essentials by Larry Connor 2nd Edition, Cell Bar Frame, grafting tool, cell cups, and cell cup bar. Payment due by April 24th


Hope to see you at the Queen Workshop!


To Register:

  • Pay at Club Meeting
  • Snail Mail - Terry Thompson, Treasurer, 211 W Center, Rogersville MO 65742


Please Select Option:


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